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The American healthcare system is complex and difficult to understand – especially for those new to the country. About 70% of Asian-Californians are foreign-born immigrants. Covered California, a government operated healthcare marketplace, asked us to reach uninsured Asians in the state and let them know of the many ways Covered California can help. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in Spring 2020, many uninsured Californians became more concerned than ever about the anticipated high costs of healthcare. “This Way to Health Insurance” for the Asian segment aimed to help more people make health insurance a reality. We wanted to let people know that an affordable healthcare plan is attainable even during a pandemic and economic crisis: 9 out of 10 people who enrolled received financial help.

The campaign boosted engagement and account creation on the Covered California websites 6 times the previous period, and increased plan selection 800%. 

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For every ten people who enrolled health insurance, nine of them got financial aid.

Choose your plan from well-known health Insurance companies.

Premiums won’t change due to pre-existing conditions.

Choose health insurance plans from well-known companies.

Get health insurance and pay no penalty.

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