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In early 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the California Department of Public Health joined forces with a select group of marketing and communications agencies, including APartnership, for a monumental task: introducing the COVID-19 vaccines. These vaccines, developed at unprecedented speed, held the promise of ending a global crisis.

However, we encountered a society fractured by social tensions and worn down by the pandemic and incidents of Asian hate. Understandably, skepticism was widespread. Our challenge was not merely overcoming resistance but addressing discomfort and uncertainty.

Looking at available data, we identified the need to offer a path forward. Our campaign, “Let’s Get to Immunity,” aimed to instill belief in the vaccine as a beacon of hope for a brighter future, free from the grip of death and illness, where safety and normalcy could be restored.

To succeed, our approach had to be twofold: we needed a robust, data-driven campaign infrastructure capable of agility in response to shifting dynamics, while also maintaining a deep understanding of the lived experiences of Californians, especially where data was lacking or structural barriers impeded progress.

“Let’s Get to Immunity” stood out with exceptional awareness (61%). Furthermore, increased exposure to our campaign correlated with higher vaccination rates. Among Asian Americans, the percentage of undecided individuals dropped significantly from 27% to 6%, while rejectors, the hardest to convince, decreased slightly from 10% to 8%.

The campaign replaced barriers with pathways, confusion with clarity, and fear with optimism. And in the process, brought us all much closer to immunity.

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All people, working in unity for immunity.

Immunizations go hand-in-hand with peace-of-mind and the confidence to gather with loved ones

With the protection of the COVID-19 vaccine, let’s fight against the threatening Delta variant.

More understanding, more assurance: The vaccines were rigorously tested.

More understanding, more assurance: The vaccines were rigorously tested.

Let’s unite in immunity

Left: Just walk in to get your COVID-19 vaccine. It’s that easy.
Middle: Join 20+ millions of Californians who have been vaccinated for COVID-19
Right: Protect yourself and those you love. That’s one good reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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